TFT Relieves Trauma of Child’s Death

UPdate Magazine, Issue 2, Winter 2005

Excerpted from:

Completeness Of Treatment with TFT

by Caroline E. Sakai, PhD, TFT-VT


Client presented with depression, sadness, and crying three years after the tragic death of the client’s teenager. After working through the grief with TFT diagnostic treatment with SUD 10 down to 0, the client could talk without crying.

Anger about some of the circumstances of the death came up with queries about what else was coming up. When anger was worked through with TFT-Dx with SUD of 9 down to 0, client then experienced waves of guilt and sadness about what could have been different in the past. This guilt and sadness was treated with TFT-Dx with SUD of 7 down to 0.

The client appeared calmer, more at peace within self, and was able to talk about client’s teenager with smiles, recounting fond memories. A peal of laughter broke out as client reminisced, and accessed a humorous and touching past event.

Looking at what else was coming up now brought more fond memories, smiles, chuckles and laughter. Client’s images of the teen had changed from the tragedy to happier times and images, and this grief work was more complete with layers and stages of grieving processed. Peak performance was used to work on coping with the upcoming anniversary of the teen’s death, birthday, favorite holidays and activities.