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  1. Great videos about the Trauma and CB2 techniques. I noticed there are no videos in spanish and I believe this would be incredibly helpful for latin countries. I am a member of GIN and would love to collaborate and add value by recording the videos in spanish for this site. I speak english and spanish fluently. Please contact me and let me know. :O)

  2. I follow Leandro Percário, whom I met at TFT Youtube. Tomorrow he will make a TFT free lecture for pain, I’ll be watching. I suffered from anxiety since I was a child. I tried all ways to get itself cured. I am 56 years old and Alprazolam took 4 tablets daily. Today with EFT and TFT now I am without medicine. I still not feel safe to say I’m healed, because I’m alone in my research. But I want to believe that I will be totally free of it and I can finally live normally. I write with the translator because my English is poor. Gratitude for all and especially to Callahan for TFT!

  3. Estimado Daniel, te saludos desde la Ciudad de México, y agradezco tu intervención tan acertada. El mundo latino necesita ayuda y la TCM es la mejor opción. Queremos hacer un grupo en español así que ojalá nos puedas contactar.

  4. Dear Daniel, have you connected yet with a Mexican TFT group? They are very active now in response to the recent earthquake. Let me know if you need a contact email address. The best to you.

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