TFT Relief for Burn Victim


Paul V. Harris talks about the severe trauma he suffered from an auto accident 20 years ago that left him burned over 80% of his body–and the first time he ever felt relief, through TFT.

3 thoughts on “TFT Relief for Burn Victim”

  1. Dear Paul Harris,
    What a fabulous testimonial from you.
    What great TFT work from Chrissy.
    What a brave compassionate soul by you
    Thank you so much for doing this –
    it’s the way to reach, teach, and relieve.
    Many blessings,

    Norma Gairdner, H.D. (TFT-Adv.)
    Toronto 905.773.6333

  2. Dear Paul,

    What an incredible story! Thank you so much for sharing about the power of TFT!

    Jenny Edwards

  3. Hey Paul,

    That’s what it’s all about – spreading the word. And there is nothing more credible than to hear it from someone who’s been to the edge and back.

    You’re right, everyone needs to know about these new Energy Psychology techniques, especially the American Psychological Association which does not recognize their validity and will not sponsor Continuing Education Credits for any Thought Field Therapy education or any of the numerous other powerful healing energy tools. And on the phone no less!!!!

    I hope someone at APA is watching your video right now.

    God bless you for speaking out. It certainly inspired me.

    Bert Fellows, MA, Retired Clinical Psychologist

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