TFT Relieves Horrific Trauma of Rwandan Orphan

Lynne McTaggart, featured in “The Living Matrix” and author of “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment, describes how TFT transformed the life of a Rwandan genocide survivor who witnessed the brutal murder of her father.

(from Dr. McTaggart’s newsletter “WDDTY” vol 20 no 8, pg 15):

“One 15-year-old Rwandan orphan was three years old at the time of the genocide. Her family hid her inside a church and when the killers broke in, the girl’s father told her to run and not look back, no matter what. She got away, but turned around when she heard her father’s screams–only to see her father being hacked to death by men with machetes.

Every day since, she’d suffered flashbacks of the scene in her waking hours and dreamt about it every night. In fact, she had no good memories of her family; the trauma had blocked them out.

During her treatment, she cried as she worked through each of the traumatic events while tapping but, at a certain point, she began to laugh. She’d suddenly remembered how her father had sneaked sweets for her, even against her mother’s wishes.

Later, when she tried to re-direct her focus onto the events that took place in the church, she said, “I can still remember it, but now it seems like a distant memory, like 12 years ago”. That night, her sleep was uninterrupted, with no nightmares for the first time since her father’s murder, and she arrived at school the next day in cheery spirits. Since then, memories of the good times have flooded back.”

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