Lifetime Achievement Award to TFT Founder & Developer Dr. Roger Callahan


By Gregory J. Nicosia, Ph.D., D.CEP
–President, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology:

At this year’s ACEP Conference Dr Roger Callahan was presented with ACEP’s first LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. As ACEP’s president, it was an honor to present this award to a man to whom we all collectively, and myself personally, owe so much. Every time we tap on this or that, we stand on his shoulders. In every field there is a first and Dr, Callahan was the first, the original, to devise and popularize a coherent meridian based tapping psychotherapeutic method. His basic methods have been copied, modified, abbreviated and expanded upon. Indeed imitation is the highest form of flattery. But in all the myriad evolutions of meridian based energy psychotherapies, his influence can be seen. Thank you Roger for all that you have done and continue to do. We at ACEP all look forward to working together with ATFT members in integrating TFT and other forms of energy psychology into healthcare and humanitarian efforts worldwide.

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