TFT Relieves Terror from Childhood Trauma at Dentist’s Office

From “The Thought Field”, Vol. 11, Issue 2:

TFT Helps a Severe Fear of Dentists

A letter to Rosanna Mosca, DipND, DipCH, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia:

I’m in my 40’s and for most of my life, I have been a little bit of a ‘fruit loop’. Not quite crazy but occasionally, I would turn from ‘Jeckell to Hyde’. It all started when I was eight years old. My subconscious would take over and I wouldn’t be able to control my body anymore.

What started off being a shopping trip suddenly turned into something not so nice. I don’t know where they came from, or how, but suddenly three men in white coats were holding me down, putting a mask on my face and needles in my arm. I’m hallucinating, I’m hurting, I’m screaming. Why is this happening?

This trip to the dentist, (my first) was to fix all my teeth at one time. It fixed me up all right. For the next 35 years it controlled my life. I dreamt about it often, think about it everyday, several times and it affected everything I did.

I was so hung up that even brushing my teeth, morning and night, I would gag and often throw up. And too bad if I heard my children or husband brushing their teeth as I would have to run away or throw up.

When I did finally go to the dentist, I did not sleep for 34 days before and I could not eat. They gave me two valium and gas and it still took two nurses and a dentist with the patience of an angel to clean my mouth. It took four visits, one for each quarter of my mouth. After each visit we were all exhausted.

How ridiculous. This is stupid. I would tell myself it doesn’t hurt. I’m an idiot. I apologized profusely but to no avail, I could not control my madness. Even the dentist reminder letters would turn me into a shaking mess.

A simple blood test was the end of the world. I’d lose control, breathing like I’d just run a marathon, shake uncontrollably, my jaw would quiver and I’d feel “pins and needles” all over my face. I’d black out. This was crazy – just a little prick but no amount of control or coaxing from those around me would make any difference. I’d come through it, “I’m sorry”, “I’m sorry” I would say – how stupid.

I asked everyone medical I saw – no one could help me. Just the thought of all those people in white coats walking around, or needles would set me off.

Now I have a blood clot running up my left leg. You know what that means, lots of men in white coats and lots of blood tests. Well I’ve had lots of sleepless nights, lots of feeling sick and not eating. Lots of squeezing hands, shaking and blacking out. I talk to myself, coax myself, do lots of praying, all to stop being so stupid – it’s crazy.

Along came Rosanna. She listened to my stories quietly and said, “I can help you”. Yeah, sure you can – I thought. She said she would do some Thought Field Therapy if I had a few minutes and it would make me as calm as if I was choosing between peas and potatoes for dinner.

After the process, I am amazed and fascinated. I ask, “should I be telling myself to get over this fear or something”? “No. It works on pressure points not brain washing”. Well, how do I feel now when I think about the blood test? Actually, not so stressed. But I am thinking it must just be the power of persuasion at the moment.

Rosanna says, “now think of my worst experience, when you were small”. I let myself get worked up (not an effort and I don’t like feeling like this). She goes through the process again. Now she says, “think about it again”. I must admit I do feel a lot more at ease. Time will tell, I have another blood test in four days.

The next day I do my teeth and feel fine, quite strange really but don’t think much of it. The next morning, again, no trouble with teeth cleaning. No gagging, no being sick, not worried to think of the dentist. I tell my husband and say if nothing else has changed, this is a great improvement in my life. Blood test day arrives.

Have slept well every night, a little worried but no drama. Walk into nurse’s office, no panic yet (I’m expecting it anytime). I’m thinking ‘this is not going to last’. Here she comes with that needle – no drama – like Rosanna said, “like choosing between peas and potatoes for dinner”.

The nurse tells the others how I was last week. It was like chalk and cheese and I’m expecting this bubble to burst at anytime!

Well, since then I’ve had a CT scan and still no drama. They had to put a needle in my arm, leave it there and pump dye into me for an hour. I did not like it much but no panic, no huge dramas, and I did not need an army of people around me to help me. No stress, no loss of control. Rosanna was pleased I had such a good result from just one session, considering how paranoid I was before.

I find I use part of her tapping pattern anytime I feel the day is too stressful. It’s like a wave of calm moving over me. I am greatly thankful for what Rosanna did for me. There has been such a significant change in my life. To remove all that negative energy in our body and minds can do nothing but improve ourselves.

Thank you Rosanna. Thank you.

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