TFT and Unconscious Traumas

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Treating Unconscious Traumas with TFT

By Dr Colin M. Barron M.B. Ch. B, TFT -VT 

Sammy, a 45-year-old chartered accountant developed great anxiety about driving on motorways (the UK term for freeways) and had two sessions with a TFT algorithm practitioner without any effect. Sammy had no conscious recollection of how this problem developed but when I subjected him to the TFT diagnostic process using Voice Technology I discovered a trauma at age 19 which he had no conscious recollection of.

At the start of the session Sammy’s SUD for motorway driving was 9. After treating this unconscious trauma it dropped to 3 and then by treating the presenting problem i.e. driving on motorways, the SUD dropped to 1. A few days later I received a text message from Sammy in which he said he had driven on motorways several times since the treatment session without any anxiety. This case illustrates well the value of checking for past traumas which may be relevant using the TFT diagnostic process. Although this can be done using TFT – Dx (muscle test- ing) it is much easier to do using the TFT – VT process as it is much less tiring for the client.

Excerpted from The Thought Field,  Vol. 23, Issue 4

Note by Mary Cowley: For issues such as this, the trauma technique taught on this blog may very well help. If it doesn’t, there may be an underlying trauma of which you are not aware. You can try holding this thought in your mind: “possible underlying trauma”–and repeat the trauma technique. If it still doesn’t help, we recommend consulting with a TFT practitioner trained at the following levels: TFT-Dx, TFT-Adv, or TFT-VT. To see a list of such practitioners, go to

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