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world-peace-23588751By TFT Foundation President Joanne Callahan:

Trauma, Disasters and Our Emotional and Physical Health

World-wide disasters are increasing at an alarming rate, as is our awareness of them through the media. Whether man-made or natural, they have the same devastating effect on our lives–anger, grief, hatred, fear, nightmares, and ill health.

According to the World Health Organization there will be 1.2 billion people suffering from PTSD. It’s predicted that by 2020 mental illness will grow to be the number two cause of death, second only to cardiovascular disease.

One only need watch the news or read the paper to hear about a war, genocide, terrorist attack, hurricane, flood, fire or earthquake, and see the millions suffering. The mere watching of these events can also cause trauma and fear. The need for effective and affordable help for these people is becoming greater every year.

As the disasters increase and our awareness of them grows, research showing the long-term effects is being published. A couple of years ago there was a study showing that PTSD was passed on to our children through the sperm of the father. This year there was a study showing that PTSD is passed on to our offspring in our genes. What can we do to begin healing this epidemic?

The TFT Foundation has a proven three-fold plan:

  • Increase awareness through the documentary “From Trauma to Peace”
  • Provide the same tapping protocols used in trauma relief to all who desire it
  • Begin localized Tapping Initiatives after a disaster to quickly restore inner peace

The TFT Foundation has developed and proven a model that can bring TFT training to any traumatized community, thereby teaching local leaders to help their fellow countrymen. In three random controlled studies (two in Rwanda and one in Uganda; two published and one submitted for publication) results have been highly significant. Two-year follow-ups have demonstrated that the results not only last, but the symptom reduction improves over time.

VideoStudies have documented the healing, and resultant changes, that has taken place in both Rwanda and Uganda over the last six years. The completion of the documentary “From Trauma To Peace” now enables us to share this healing model with many more regions of the world. The film has been screened at five film festivals thus far, including Vail, and it has recently been edited for submission to PBS. This new version gives a clear picture of the world-wide PTSD epidemic and our proven method to begin its healing.

TFT Foundation directors and community members around the world have been implementing this healing process in their own corners of the world, from the Chilean floods to the Australian fires, the Paris bombings, and the San Bernardino shootings. Hundreds are being provided with immediate tools to begin healing from these disasters through live trainings, clinics, workshops and teleconferencing.

The TFT Foundation is asking all of you to help us share this powerful tool for healing. Help us make a difference in the world by creating inner peace through TFT so that outer peace may be manifested as well.

The NEW edited version of “From Trauma to Peace” is AVAILABLE TO ALL on Vimeo. Click here to view the new trailer. You can rent or purchase the video and all proceeds support the Foundation’s continued trauma relief work.

The actual tapping sequences that are used around the world are available at, in video and print in 16 languages. All of the various tapping and healing initiatives will be reported on this blog site.

Please share these links on Facebook, Twitter and all your social media accounts.Help us make a difference. Who knows who will need these tools in the future? We want all to have access to them. There can be no better gift this holiday season than these profound tools for healing and world peace.



Can we transform TRAUMA and its debilitating states of anger, violence and hatred, into PEACE – compassion, forgiveness, hope and love?

WE CAN, and it’s happening around the world. We can create peace through a proven model for large scale trauma relief and it’s available to all.

Please share this link with all you know and love.


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