Relieving the Effects of Past Trauma

Many thanks to Jackie Rioux, TFT-Dx, for submitting this Apr 19, 2011:

I have been taking TFT courses over the last year and having many successes with friends and family. I have helped a friend let go of the grief and trauma of losing a treasured family pet. I have helped several friends with general stress, relationship and work issues, and tested them for toxins as well. My friends are now quite used to hearing me talk about TFT and all its benefits and some are willing to let me practice on them to refine my skills. 

My new son in law was having issues with the stress and anxiety of a new baby coming and his ability to provide for their future. I was receiving phone calls and texts every few days asking for reassurance and answers to questions about parenting. He has a wonderful secure job and he knew his fears were unfounded yet he was still anxious.

Although I have three other children who are accepting of TFT, this daughter is not comfortable with all my tapping remedies, but my son in law was willing to try it. One evening he was at the point of anxiousness where he Continue reading “Relieving the Effects of Past Trauma”