TFT Helps Suicidal Young Man


Retired fireman Bruce Ramsay describes how TFT relieved a suicidal man’s depression and trauma:

I have taught TFT algorithms to over two hundred people in native communities. They range from psychologists to elders, social workers, addiction counselors, nurses, fire fighters, tribal police officers and community members and leaders. It is very well accepted and the requests keep coming for more training.

I was recently back in a community where I had done the training previously and again a lady showed up who had had the Algorithm course. She said she came back to refresh and practice. She told a wonderful story of a suicidal young man who she had done TFT with.

He had come in depressed and traumatized and since they had no mental health facility the intake person had called for transport from the closest facility. My student heard about him, went and did TFT and by the time the transport arrived he was calm, reasoned and eating a meal with some elders.

The transport team had a mental health person and she examined the young man and declined to take him saying she could find no distress in him at all. He is doing fine and now volunteers at the elder center and is back in school. Says he wants to be a social worker.

Thank you again Dr. Callahan. TFT is amazing. It amazes me almost weekly. I will continue teaching it as long as I am able. Your vision at giving me this opportunity has been realized in many native communities and the word spreads. Your gift to all of us is truly wonderful. I have used it thousands of times to help others.