Restoring Inner Peace after Paris Attacks

ParisHeartGroup Tapping Teleconferences for Community Relief and Restoring Inner Peace

by Ngub Nding, UK TFT Foundation Board Member TFT Trainer & Practitioner

On Friday November 13th terrible events happened in Paris that literally traumatized the whole population of France and many others all over the world. As a TFT trainer/practitioner and UK TFT Foundation board member, I’ve had the privilege to participate in a trauma relief mission in Uganda in January 2014. This experience changed me on many levels.

One of the realizations I made at the time was that all the good that TFT can bring to a community half the way around the world might also be needed right at my door step. So when the Paris events occurred it was obvious that TFT could be a great asset for the community in order to support as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and as often as possible.

With a group of French-speaking TFT-Adv practitioners, equipped with our know-how in TFT and our experience in guided meditation, we committed to give our best to help anybody we could reach that would be willing to participate.

We opted for teleconference calls to offer free group tapping and short meditation with a two- step goal. One was trauma relief for as many people as possible and the second was to guide committed volunteers into leveraging what is known as the meditation effect, aka the Maharishi effect. It basically refers to the fact that people meditating have a tangible measurable effect on the well-being of their entire community. Many experiences, largely documented, have established this fact beyond any shadow of a doubt. The impact on the lowering of criminal activities, acts of terrorism, accidents, etc. is indeed compelling.

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