Trauma-Related Panic Attacks Gone with TFT

By Suzanne Connolly, TFT-Adv, from the UPdate Magazine, Issue 4, Winter 2006:

Solving the Mystery; Curing the Panic

At a recent Conference on Panic Attacks, a speaker presented as a fact, that panic attacks do not have their origin in past trauma. Speaker after speaker asserted that there is currently no cure for Panic Attack Disorder. While there are undoubtedly cases where this is true, I find that in most cases this upset in the sympathetic nervous system is rooted in past trauma and of course, with Thought Field Therapy, is curable. The following case study offers just one example.

Yolanda’s panic attacks were keeping her from her job as head of housekeeping at a nearby resort, and from her second job of babysitting her friend’s children, and from participating in life in general. She had been referred by her Physician and I began taking a history in an effort to find some specific sources of anxiety to address.

Being around small children seemed to precipitate the majority of Yolanda’s recent panic attacks. Being home alone at night, being around knives, Continue reading “Trauma-Related Panic Attacks Gone with TFT”