TFT Relieves 11-Year-Old Boy of Trauma & Shame

TFT even works with people who don’t want to reveal what their upset is about, as Dr. Theresa Gormly, chiropractor, demonstrates in the following story:

I had such a great experience with TFT today with an 11 year old who was very depressed and crying all the time according to his mom. He was begging her not to tell me about his shame related to seeing a sexually explicit picture on the internet. Anyway I told him just to think of the experience (without telling me what it was about) and we tapped it out. Evidently before treating him he was preoccupied with thoughts about it and had alot of shame around it.

He transformed before our eyes. At the end I asked him to think about it and he couldn’t get it to come to mind. He hugged me and his mom and kept saying “thank you”. After I treated his mom I went into the waiting room to say “good-bye” and he looked at me and said “I still can’t think about it” with a “thumbs up”. So nice!