TFT Relieves Terror of Driving

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Monika D’Agate, London, UK, driving instructor and TFT therapist, shares the following example of the profound healing taking place with her students through TFT:

Let’s talk about Jane

Jane was a young woman in her thirties, who 10 years prior was involved in a collision with a car, riding a motorcycle. A few years later, when she had the courage to take up car driving lessons, all seemed fine until reading Richard Hammonds book about his high speed crash. She read a paragraph that described his recovery and very painful stomach injections. The very same ones she had been given many years prior.

At that point her driving lessons had become impossible, the more anxious she had become, the more annoyed her instructor got. She developed a driving phobia. When she came to take her first driving lesson with me, she could not sit in the driving seat.

In panic, her face was white and her palms were sweating. It only took one tapping session, and she overcame the initial fear, which then was followed with 1.5 hour driving lesson.

Whilst teaching her to drive, I uncovered other self-esteem issues, which we had to deal with on subsequent lessons. TFT combined with driver training had given her chance to achieve one of her dreams – driving, as well as help her overcome other emotional issues that were not driving related.

Being a TFT therapist is about helping everyone on day to day issues, so they can move on and deal with things in a rational instead of an emotionally negative way.

Excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity”, Spring, 2013

Relieving Trauma, Cause of Violent Behavior


Peacemakers Inc. is a nonprofit, innovative and effective on-site mentoring organization, Founded by Hank Roberts in 2000. Our mission at Peacemakers is to assist and mentor the underserved youth, both locally and eventually globally.

We will guide them in making better choices, showing them other options, effectively creating positive change in their lives and in the process, bettering our society in general. We exist to help rectify the high violent crime rates, and to reduce the High School drop rates [which are presently 50%] which means 1 out of 2 students drop out.

It would be much higher if we included the escalating middle school dropout rates. There were 124 murders this year in Oakland, CA as of 12/24/12 alone… that is 10+ people a month or 1 every 3 days. We must reduce this high statistic!

We believe at Peacemakers that Trauma is at the root cause of violent behavior among the African American youth!

One of the ways that Peacemakers proposes to help reduce this problem is to implement the use of Thought Field Therapy to eliminate or begin to heal the high Trauma rates in the three major areas of Psychological Trauma: Environmental, Physical, and Emotional. It is our hope that you will view this video and share our vision of helping in the healing of our much troubled, underserved, and traumatized youth, because ‘This is where the Change Begins’.

When Thought Field Therapy is applied to emotional problems it addresses their fundamental causes, thus balancing the body’s energy system and allows the participant to eliminate most negative emotions and fears in minutes. “What’s fascinating about TFT is its quick and painless results, and its success rate is almost unheard of in the field of mental health in any type of treatment over this whole century”–Shad Meshad, President, National Veterans Foundation & Founder and Author of the National Vet Center Program.

Peacemakers exists entirely on school funding, special government grants, and donations from our supporters. The funding, grants, and donations are now stagnant, while the needs of our youth are in crisis. We need your support now so we can continue to assist our youth and to also expand our program locally and globally.

Thank You for Your Consideration,
John Ivey
Director of High School Mentoring Programs Peacemakers Inc.
81 Vernon St. suite 301
Oakland Ca. 94610

Radio Interview: From Trauma to Peace


Interview on KAOI talkradio in Hawaii with Bob Stone, co-producer of the TFT Foundation’s documentary “From Trauma to Peace” and Joanne Callahan, co-developer of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and president of the TFT Foundation.

Healing Distress from Hurricane Sandy

A Public Service Message For Hurricane Sandy Disaster Sufferers

From: TFT Foundation – a nonprofit humanitarian organization that helps to relieve suffering worldwide.

To: Anyone who is struggling with emotional distress in the area affected by the Superstorm, Sandy.

There are two big realities: 1) the reality of all the loss, damage, and problems of restoring basic needs. This reality will take some time to change. 2) the reality of what is going on inside of you in the form of distress that can hurt your body because of emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, disappointment, sadness, anger, and other negative feelings and thoughts.

We offer you a simple way to help yourself overcome the distress inside of you. For some of you it will work quickly and completely to eliminate these negative emotions. For some of you, it may take more time or several attempts to work. A small number of you may not feel any change at all.*

Please use the procedure described and shown on this TFT Trauma Relief blog. There is no charge for this information. We are your neighbors and we care deeply about your welfare, good health, and recovery.

This is a TFT technique (a tapping therapy) to help you and/or your family members. It can be used by most people of all ages. We have used this procedure to help victims of Katrina and the  medical staff of Charity Hospital in New Orleans following Katrina; many affected by 9/11; victims of genocide in Rwanda; victims of war in Kocevo; and with our troops returning from war suffering from PTSD.

You are invited to use this extraordinary technique to help yourself and others relax, get some sleep, and overcome the negative emotions of the disaster.

*If you feel no relief after trying the technique, you may find individual work with a TFT practitioner beneficial. For a list of practitioners go to

From Trauma to Peace


Peace IS within our grasp. It is at the tip of our fingers…literally. The upcoming documentary “From Trauma to Peace” will shock you in how quickly and easily people can be relieved of the devastating effects of trauma through the safe and effective “tapping” technique of Thought Field Therapy (TFT). AND how the impact of that emotional freedom not only brings peace of mind to the individual, but facilitates peace within and among communities

Using Legs Again with TFT

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by Basim Qudori, TFT consultant to Syrian Specialist volunteer help group

I am delighted to be able to report that…I have been able to assist numerous clients with TFT, from several countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine and the Gulf countries with a diverse range of problems to their complete satisfaction and therefore mine.

To give a prime example of my success I refer to the case of Ms. Hayat, a 19 years old girl suffering mental trauma after a post-natal injury left her wheel chair bound after an operation in UK six years ago, she was told by physiotherapist that she must summon the courage to walk.

However the fear of falling was so great that she convinced herself never to try to walk again. Her cousin, a psychotherapist, requested my intervention to provide Hayat with a reversal of herself promise. I used VT, and I found that she had psychological reversals and IET, and even my first session with her resulted in her standing up using a table for support for the first time since her promise to herself six years ago.

Subsequent sessions gave her further confidant until she was able to stand up right unassisted using a frame for nearly ten minutes giving great satisfaction to herself and her whole family.