Using Legs Again with TFT

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by Basim Qudori, TFT consultant to Syrian Specialist volunteer help group

I am delighted to be able to report that…I have been able to assist numerous clients with TFT, from several countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine and the Gulf countries with a diverse range of problems to their complete satisfaction and therefore mine.

To give a prime example of my success I refer to the case of Ms. Hayat, a 19 years old girl suffering mental trauma after a post-natal injury left her wheel chair bound after an operation in UK six years ago, she was told by physiotherapist that she must summon the courage to walk.

However the fear of falling was so great that she convinced herself never to try to walk again. Her cousin, a psychotherapist, requested my intervention to provide Hayat with a reversal of herself promise. I used VT, and I found that she had psychological reversals and IET, and even my first session with her resulted in her standing up using a table for support for the first time since her promise to herself six years ago.

Subsequent sessions gave her further confidant until she was able to stand up right unassisted using a frame for nearly ten minutes giving great satisfaction to herself and her whole family.