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Written by Diana Hoffman, Healing Talk Radio:

Hello friends and colleagues,

I am excited to announce that international trauma expert Suzanne Connolly will be joining me on Healing Talk Radio for a live demonstration of Thought Field Therapy in the treatment of PTSD.

Suzanne has healed trauma and trained trauma therapists throughout the world.  She was invited to travel to Littleton Coloroado to train professionals who were treating the traumatized survivors of the Columbine High School shooting.  Suzanne has also traveled to Kuwait, France and Rwanda  to train community workers in trauma recovery and to directly treat victims of genocide.

Suzanne has participated in three different research studies, including the study “Treatmentof PTSD in Rwandan Child Genocide SurvivorsUsing Thought Field Therapy, published in Winter 2010 edition of International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 12(1), 41-50.   Suzanne is also author of the book  “Thought Field Therapy:   Clinical Applications Integrating TFT in Psychotherapy. published in 2004.

For our radio program a local client volunteer with disabling symptoms of PTSD will join the program and Suzanne Connolly will work live on the air with the client to resolve her problems, which include intense nightmares almost every night and severe, intrusive fears.

After over 20 years of practice and research, Thought Field Therapy continues to produce dramatic results in the resolution of brain-stem based emotional issues.    Meridian-based tapping releases have been shown in studies to be the fastest  of all release methods for phobias and fear issues, and can produce dramatic improvement for these problems one session.

With its precision, carefully developed algorhythms and history of humanitarian use for trauma, Thought Field Therapy is the premier and original meridian-based release therapy.

Listen in for a powerful demonstration of the best of brain-based brief therapys by a renowned national expert.

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This program will broadcast live on Healing Talk Radio at 11 am Mountain Time, Wednesday March 30 on KSTAR, 1400 am..   Healing Talk is also syndicated to three internet radio stations:, and   The program is streamed worldwide starting Saturday, April 2nd.  It will replay daily for a week at 11 am and 2 am mountain time.   To connect go to


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