TFT for Traumatic Injury–Human and Animal

From “The ATFT UPdate”, Issue 17, Summer 2011

A Strange Tale and My Smallest Patient
by Terri Perry, TFT-Dx

We moved to Abruzzo, Italy in 2009, to an old house which we are still renovating. Recently we had to demolish part of the house and make new foundations.

For this, two huge cement lorries with pumping equipment had to get to our house, but our driveway was too small. So the only other way was to cross a railway track and over rough terrain, but one thing stood in their way, a large overhanging branch of a big oak tree. It was necessary to cut it off before the lorries arrived and we only had about an hour in which to do it.

Normally we have wonderful sunny weather in Abruzzo but suddenly the sky darkened and the wind became stronger. On this day of all days it was threatening a storm!

My husband put our long ladder against the tree and I stood at the bottom holding the ladder for his safety. He started sawing with the bow saw and it looked as if the branch should drop straight down. The wind was now strong and starting to rain. I only looked away for a split second and I was catapulted to the ground with the full force of the large branch hitting me in the back.

The sharp end of the branch ripped through three layers of my clothing and I lay screaming on the ground in pain. My husband and neighbour ran to my aid. I knew I hadn’t broken my back as I could move OK. They moved me to the house and checked my back and right side where the wood had scraped leaving red raw patches but luckily not much bleeding.

I felt as if I had been hit by a ton truck. My husband gave me some Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy to help with the trauma immediately (a useful standby in any emergency).

I managed to sit on a chair but I knew I had to treat myself quickly with TFT as I was starting to faint and going to lose consciousness if I didn’t act soon.

My neighbour’s normal reaction would have been to get me to the Emergency Dept but in any case the hospital was nearly an hour’s drive away and it was too painful to get into a car.

I knew I could help myself. By now, the weather had deteriorated further to thunder, lightning, torrential rain and wind. She watched as I tapped myself using the Complex Trauma algorithm: eb, e, a, c 9g sq. three times. I was starting to feel less “winded”.

I then tapped the algorithm for shock/trauma: eb, e, a, c, mf, c, lf, c, 9g. The fainting feeling had gone and I could sit upright without needing to put my head between my knees any more. I then checked if I needed collar bone breathing but did not.

Colour came back to my face and I was able to carry on a normal con- versation to ask my husband for the relevant homeopathic remedies from the kit. I took Arnica 30c to stop any bruising and help with shock.

The two lorries had arrived and started pumping concrete so my husband had to leave me whilst our neighbour sat with me. She could not believe how quickly I had recovered and also kept checking my wounds for signs of bruising – there were none, even though I had taken the full force of a falling branch.

Just before going to bed that night one of our black cats, William (the other is Harry!), came rushing in. He had caught a baby Wood Mouse and had it in his jaws. We eventually got him to drop it and it went under the stairs in the hallway.

It was too painful for me to bend down to search for it so we went to bed and planned to search for it the next morning. The wood mice are cute with big brown eyes and long tails.

Only last year I saved a bigger adult wood mouse after it had been caught by the cat. I gave it water in a syringe until it recovered and I put it back in our woodpile where it came from.

After a difficult night I awoke the next morning and tried to get up. I had left my torn clothing beside the bed on the floor. To my shock and surprise – there huddled up inside my blood stained shirt was the little wood mouse!

I gathered up the clothes and gradually made my way to the kitchen. He looked near to death but as he had obviously sought me out, I decided I had to try to save him. I dropped the Rescue Remedy onto his mouth and he started to respond. Then I gave him water in a syringe which he grasped with his tiny hands. His eyes opened.

It was a long shot, but if TFT worked so well with me I hoped it would work with something so tiny. I held the mouse in my left hand while I tapped myself with my right. I used the Complex Trauma/anxiety algorithm first and then did the Complex Depression alg: eb,oe,e,un,ch,a,c,lf,if,9g. He looked up and started to move around my hand!

After a little more water and the anxiety alg he ran up my arm into my jumper and then I knew he was ready to be released back into the wild! I was so pleased to have saved one small life. I took him back to the wood pile near to where I had my accident and he walked away under the wood stack.

Three hours later, my husband went to get more logs for our woodburning cooker. He stopped in his tracks because there sitting looking at him in the middle of the path to the wood pile was the little wood mouse! He looked up at him for a minute and then disappeared into the pile of wood that had been the branch that had caused my injuries. Strange or what!

I recalled what Dr. Rupert Sheldrake spoke about when he was guest speaker at BTFTA Conference in London in 2009. Dr. Sheldrake explained about his research into the fields related to Morphic Resonance.

Dr. Sheldrake believes that these fields are transmitted from past members of the species to the new generation conveying a collective, instinctive memory, i.e., if a rat of a particular breed learns a new trick in a laboratory in one country then rats of the same breed should be able to learn that trick faster all over the world. He believes that each individual draws upon and contributes to the collective memory of the species.

His theory and research could explain why the baby wood mouse sought me out a generation after I saved one of his family. He/she had no fear of me whatsoever and had slept, huddled up in my torn tee-shirt from the accident.

Also, in order to reach me it had to climb a total of 17 stairs with two landings and choose our bedroom over any one of a total of 6 rooms or simply remain in the hallway under the stairs where it was dropped. Was what happened that day a spiritual “sign”? or simply a big coincidence? But, it was a strange experience nevertheless.

I regularly use TFT in emergency for us and for our cats and thanks to Dr. Callahan I have one of the best healing tools in my “tool-box” as a therapist.

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