TFT Between Children

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Trauma When a School Prank Goes Awry

by Lionel Mandy, JD, MBA, MSW

In one of my many professional capacities, I act as a volunteer mediator. This work is both interesting and rewarding to me.  The program for which I mediate involves first- and second-time juvenile offenders—ages 7 to 17. Mediation brings the victim and offender together in a non-court setting. The process gives the victim the opportunity to confront the offender with the financial, emotional, physical, and other effects that resulted from his or her offense.

The result of the process, when successful, is that the victim receives some form of restitution which the victim and offender agree to. The benefits are that the offender can reframe their priorities and choose a different life path. My work as the mediator is to guide the parties toward a mutual agreement—and to structure the process so that all parties are respected, honest, and focused on the issues at hand.

A few weeks back, I took part in such a mediation in South Los Angeles. The victim was Continue reading “TFT Between Children”

TFT for Traumatic Injury–Human and Animal

From “The ATFT UPdate”, Issue 17, Summer 2011

A Strange Tale and My Smallest Patient
by Terri Perry, TFT-Dx

We moved to Abruzzo, Italy in 2009, to an old house which we are still renovating. Recently we had to demolish part of the house and make new foundations.

For this, two huge cement lorries with pumping equipment had to get to our house, but our driveway was too small. So the only other way was to cross a railway track and over rough terrain, but one thing stood in their way, a large overhanging branch of a big oak tree. It was necessary to cut it off before the lorries arrived and we only had about an hour in which to do it.

Normally we have wonderful sunny weather in Abruzzo but suddenly the sky darkened and the wind became stronger. On this day of all days it was threatening a storm!

My husband put our long ladder against the tree and I stood at the bottom holding the ladder for his safety. He started sawing with the bow saw and it looked as if the branch should drop straight down. The wind was now strong and starting to rain. I only looked away for a split second and I was catapulted to the ground with the full force of the large branch hitting me in the back.

The sharp end of the branch ripped through three layers of my clothing and I lay screaming on the ground in pain. Continue reading “TFT for Traumatic Injury–Human and Animal”

TFT Relieves Pain & Trauma from Nairobi Bombing

Nairobi Embassy Bombing2

Jenny Edwards, Ph.D., TFT-Dx, discusses how she–and TFT–were in the right place at the right time:

When I first heard about Thought Field Therapy, I knew that I wanted to learn it for my work in Africa. I give seminars there, and thought that people there would benefit from knowing a rapid way to eliminate trauma, physical pain, anxiety, addictions, phobias, and all of the other areas that Thought Field Therapy addresses. I didn’t know just how much it might be needed.

In July, 1997, I received an invitation to conduct a two-week training sponsored by the Carmelite Community in Nairobi from August 3-14, 1998. I would be working with priests, nuns, brothers, students, counselors, educators, social workers, and others involved in helping professions.

I accepted with pleasure, and made plans to teach a number of topics that had been requested, as well as a section on Thought Field Therapy.

The bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi occurred the morning of Friday, August 7. Continue reading “TFT Relieves Pain & Trauma from Nairobi Bombing”