Free Trauma Relief for Those Affected by Shooting in Aurora, CO

This blog contains many posts demonstrating the profound effectiveness of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) for relieving trauma associated with violence, including mass violence such as the Rwanda genocide and the U.S. Embassy bombing in Nairobi.

Please refer anyone you know who has been affected by the recent shooting in Aurora, CO, to this site where we have written and video instructions for this safe, very powerful self-technique–all given free of charge. Those who could experience significant relief may be shooting victims or their friends and family–even unrelated persons who may experience trauma simply by watching or reading related news.

4 thoughts on “Free Trauma Relief for Those Affected by Shooting in Aurora, CO”

  1. This kind of “energy work” is often enormously effective, in my experience. The results are sometimes nothing short of miraculous. I’ll frequently start with regular “talking therapy,” then shift to EFT/TFT type work (sometimes with some Ericksonian hypnosis work), and the success I’ve seen is very impressive (and very satisfying to the therapist). I commend you for extending this assistance. ; )

  2. Dear Sir/Madam;

    While it’s a nice piece introducing how to cope with stressfully displeasures like bombings, I live in Uganda and do not of any incident involving US Embassy bombing in Uganda. Crosscheck and correct the falsehood

    Thank You

  3. Thank you very much for your correction. I apologize for the mistake and have corrected it in the original post. I meant to say Nairobi rather than Uganda. I appreciate your contacting me about this.

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