TFT Helps Young Man Reclaim His Life

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By Monika D’Agate, London, UK, driving instructor and TFT therapist, shares how a student of hers used TFT to help a nephew reclaim his life.

This young man is a very kind and sensitive individual, high achiever with very good grades at school. He has a supportive and caring family.

He only had his driving license for one year when an accident happened. Driving his father’s car only on occasion had given him very little experience. Furthermore, the country he lived in has very poor standards of competence, allowing people to take their driving test only after 30h of practical driver education.

Where it could be enough for someone with existing skills, for most people starting from scratch, it’s half or even less of what is really necessary to be competent and safe on the road. Sometimes people think that they are born with driving skills and they acquire more common sense as they get older. It’s rarely the case for the former one and not always the case for the latter.

One late evening, this 19 year old was driving back home from his factory, where he had a part time job. His parents bought him a car the week before. He was approaching a bend, not going fast, but when a car came up from the opposite side, blinding him with its high beam lights, he hit something.

It was a man on a bicycle, wearing dark clothing, on a bike without any lights. He was as dark as the road and the night that surrounded them and was not wearing a helmet. The young driver went to the cyclist for aid. The man was then taken to hospital by ambulance.

The following day the 36 year old died from the sustained injuries, leaving a wife and a young son behind. The young car driver was emotionally destroyed. Could not eat or sleep. His grandfather was always next to him, on a suicide watch. No longer did he want to go to University to continue his education, nor did he want to live.

This young man is a relative of one my students. She had tried the effectiveness of TFT for herself, and felt the need to help him. I gave her all the resources that were necessary to alleviate his emotional trauma and pain. Although we could have used Skype, she wanted to be there in person.

When she first saw her nephew, he was very thin, with sunken eyes that looked blank. The grey expression of his face resembled a shadow of someone she once knew.

Not having the experience, or any in-depth knowledge of TFT she followed the steps I had given her. His SUD was 10 to start with. She described that within 15 minutes he begun to change: “as if a black and white sketch was being filled in with colour”. Within 30 minutes, the young man had a faint smile on his face and the colour has returned to his sunken cheeks. He started to interact with people around him. In the next 30 minutes he was fast asleep.

The following morning he woke up angry at everyone and everything. They have used TFT twice again to balance his emotional state. The positive outcome was immediate as it is with most TFT cases. Even when someone has only known TFT very briefly, they can try to help themselves or their loved ones with very positive results. In the few weeks that followed, the young man started to study law at his university. He reclaimed his life.

*Excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity”, Spring, 2013

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