Dr. Robson Presents Uganda Study Results

Dr. Howard Robson training Ugandan leaders in TFT
Dr. Howard Robson training Ugandan leaders in TFT, 2012

Phyll Robson, board member of TFT Foundation UKgave the following report on the presentation given by foundation chairman Howard Robson, M.D., at the 2013 ACEP conference:

Dr. Howard Robson was very pleased to be presenting the research results from the PTSD study undertaken in Uganda in January last year, 2012. He described the care taken to follow protocol to ensure the study undertaken on 256 participants would be valid.

The Research presentation session was well attended, and there were many questions from the floor about the study itself, and about the psychological and physical changes we witnessed in the study participants after treatment. The audience were very impressed to learn that only one treatment session was provided to each participant, by a newly trained Algorithm Ugandan Therapist, to achieve our results.

Roger Ludwig gave a moving account of the changes he observed in the study participants, followed by an overview of the many transformations we observed in the local people not included in the study, but who were treated by the TFT team, some of the Catechists trained in 2009, and some of the newly trained Catechists who were keen to practice their new TFT skills.

I talked about a group of women we had treated the previous day, who were very excited when we met them again at the training centre. They told us how they had been able to sleep all night for the first time in years. Many people in Uganda suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, it makes life very difficult for them. Women in Uganda have to work on the land to provide food for their family, they have very little money, and in order to feed their children, most adults will only eat once each day.

Without exception, every person we treated with TFT appeared more relaxed, wore a big smile and felt more energetic. The men were more talkative and told us that they felt more optimistic about life in general following treatment with TFT. The children found TFT fun, they giggled as they copied the tapping sequences and played happily with each other for hours.

I took the opportunity to share our experience of demonstrating treatments for pain, anxiety and trauma with well over 500 pupils at a local school. The children were amazed and delighted to have been taught this strange treatment. The teachers were grateful that they would save money, TFT could now be used instead of simple medication previously used for headaches and muscular aches and pains.

The gift of Thought Field Therapy to alleviate pain and suffering in Third World countries like Uganda and Rwanda offers much more than relief from their suffering, it also gives the people hope of a better life. However, TFT will not remove poverty and large scale hunger in countries where famine is common place. We do need your support to fund our humanitarian work and the vital Research we undertake for the benefit of TFT practitioners and clients.

Following our presentation, we were able to benefit and enjoy the 2013 ACEP conference, the highlight of which was Suzanne Connolly being awarded ACEP’s Harvey Baker Research Award for outstanding contribution to the field of Energy Psychology, especially for the work in Rwanda. The TFT research teams have been very successful, please support us to continue in our vital work.

This article was excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity”, Fall 2013

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