Thought Field Therapy 1 – Atrial Fibrillation 0

I have been seeing a prominent Dallas physician, Dr. K, for annual physicals most of my adult life.  The process calls for many tests, starting early morning with blood draws, finishing up with a stress EKG, a review of results, and a hands-on examination.

This particular morning, Dr. K seemed a bit stressed as we reviewed my test results.  Dr. K stated, “Bruce, I may need to reschedule your physical examination as I had an A-Fib episode this morning and I have been up since 2 a.m.  I have a Catheter Ablation scheduled for early this afternoon, and I may not be up for your physical.”

Knowing that Dr. Callahan had had considerable success treating A-Fib with TFT, I offered a treatment to Dr. K.  To my pleasant surprise, he graciously accepted!

He was an 8 in terms of his level of concern about his experience so far that day and the pending ablation treatment in the next couple of hours.  We tapped the anxiety algorithm and brought him to a more peaceful state, about a 2.  We finished with the floor to ceiling eye roll.  He commented about how peaceful he felt and stated that he thought we could finish the entire exam, which we did.

Next morning, I called his office to see how the Catheter Ablation procedure had gone.  Ms. C, his assistant said “ Bruce, you won’t believe it!  I will put you through to Dr. K to have him tell you about it!”  Dr. K gets on the line and says, “There I was all prepped and ready to go into the operating room.   The attending physician stops by and says, “Dr. K, you can get dressed and go home”.  I say to him, “but doctor, I haven’t had my procedure!”  He says, “Your heart is in perfect rhythm and there is no need for it”.  My comment was, “Dr. K, wouldn’t it be interesting if your heart stayed in rhythm and if not, you could tap it back into rhythm and you might never need an Ablation treatment again?”  He had no trouble agreeing with that possibility!

So, a couple of months later, all is good, no further episodes.  I have provided him the DVD “The Miracles of Thought Field Therapy” and he has pledged to review it.

Dr. K works and speaks all over the world so no telling where this might lead!  Thank you, Dr. Roger and Ms. Joanne Callahan for the miracle of TFT!

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