TFT in Kurdistan

Dr. Pegah Seidi, presenting a talk on  (Northern Iraq).

Dr. Pegah Seidi, a lecturer and researcher at Garmian University in Kurdistan, began using TFT in 2018 after taking an online training in TFT provided by Suzanne Connolly. Dr. Seidi practiced TFT on relatives and friends and recently wrote” So, I’m already writing a case study with one of my colleagues in the UNC, where I have put my experiences of more than five years of using  CBT, and the benefits of TFT as a better intervention for societies experienced war and political conflicts and low-income societies.” Dr. Seidi added, “I use TFT almost every day for my clients and students, and more and more people are asking me about this method every day.”

Currently, she writes that she is attempting to publish a book, a documentary, and a few articles that contain TFT content in order to draw potential sponsors’ attention to her proposed TFT project, where she plans to use TFT to treat Yazidi women who had been kidnapped by and escaped from ISIS. She is planning to train some of the Yazidi women to use TFT to treat other Yazidi women, who have been victims of various forms of torture.

ACEP members and TFT practitioners have raised nearly $4.000 toward this future project.

Dr. Seidi has generously agreed to work along with a group of authors on a systematic literature review and meta-analysis of lay-counselor facilitated mental health interventions in low and middle-income countries.  Four of these authors, are ACEP Research Committee members and all are volunteering their time and talent to this effort.

Dr. Seidi is truly doing important humanitarian work in her country and in the world and we are proud that she is incorporating TFT in her efforts to help others.

Below is a link to an article depicting Dr. Seidi’s current project in a camp for internally displaced persons in Northern Iraq.

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