We Are Witnessing An Alarming Increase in the Rate of Suicide: Especially In Our Youth

There have been numerous recent reports from around the world about the increase in suicides of our youth, especially in those under 18.  The lockdown, isolation, school closures and loss of loved ones are all contributing factors and are continuing.  Children’s Health Defense reports on this sharp rise in an article on 2/3/21.  They give links to the various literature.

They share a November report by the CDC that analyzed emergency room visits in children under 18 during the pandemic. Results showed that although the number of overall emergency room visits fell during 2020, the number of mental health-related visits increased. Data analyzed from the CDC’s National Syndromic Surveillance Program from Jan. 1 through Oct. 17, 2020, and compared to the same period in 2019 showed a 31% increase in mental health issues among adolescents 12 – 17-years-old.

The article talks about the need for increased study, partnership with governments and healthcare providers, and for parents to help their children be able to honestly and without fear communicate their emotional concerns. Parents need to play a more proactive role in their children’s well-being.

Children learn from example. If they regularly witness their loved ones in a state of anxiety, anger, or fear, they are likely to absorb that energy and exhibit similar behavior. Adults used to be better equipped to deal with these negative emotions but many are losing their resiliency with the on-going pandemic conditions.  Children are even more likely to break under the same pressures.  However, if they experience their parents handle things maturely and in a positive frame of mind, they will be more secure and confident.

While we all ‘know’ parents, guardians, educators – those entrusted with the health of our children –  should provide an environment of trust that encourages their wards to share with them their deepest fears and insecurities, many are just too overwhelmed with negative emotions to do so.

What can we do in the world-wide TFT community to help this crisis?  We can do it from a grassroots level, in our homes, with our families and children, one loving soul at a time?  There are proven and specific tapping tools to heal the trauma around us, diffuse the powder-keg emotions and express compassion and acceptance of our children and loved ones.  The TFT Foundation’s trauma relief blog provides these tools for FREE, in 15 languages.  The most common and powerful tapping protocol is for releasing trauma, anger and guilt.  It can be safely shared with anyone.

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