Tapping Out Trauma for the Turkish Earthquake Victims

Thank you to the Japanese Association for TFT.  They hired a professional company to translate it the TFT Foundation’s trauma relief tapping sequence into Turkish and we are most grateful.  Please share this with all you know who are experiencing fear and trauma as a result of the many earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

TFT, bedendeki akupunktur noktalarına parmak ucuyla dokunarak kaygı, korku ve travma gibi psikolojik rahatsızlıkları çözme yöntemidir.

Tapping Out Fear for Syrian School Children


A group of Syrian volunteers visited a primary school in the county side which has been affected by the war and by the recent earthquakes.

Their purpose was to give hope and hope and pleasure to these young children.  One of the activities provided was led by TFT practitioner and trainer Zena Hammami.  She shared a song with the children, created by Abeer AlOsaimi, also a TFT trainer and practitioner.  In the song she tapped with them the 6PRS to become better and to remove blocks to heal from their trauma and fears. This is the first time ever TFT in introduced in the schools in Syria. This healing event was covered by Syrian TV. Zena’s hope is to provide these healing tools to all school children in Syria.

Thirteen Evidence-Based Thought Field Therapy Studies & Nine Reviews  Supporting TFT’s Effectiveness

There is growing evidence to support the effectiveness of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) as a psychological intervention.

An article entitled Mental health interventions by lay counsellors: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Connolly et al., 2021) was published in the August 2021 issue of The Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Of the 19 randomized controlled trials that met the inclusion criteria, three studies explored the use of TFT (Connolly & Sakai, 2011; Connolly et al., 2013; Robson et al., 2016). Of the three included TFT studies, two were conducted in Rwanda, and one was conducted in Uganda. Two of the included TFT studies demonstrated high effect sizes, and one TFT study demonstrated a medium effect size. The three TFT studies were found to have the fewest days of training and the least amount of treatment time. In a qualitative follow up, Edwards (2016) reported the lay counselors’ satisfaction with their continued use of the TFT intervention. Continue reading “Thirteen Evidence-Based Thought Field Therapy Studies & Nine Reviews  Supporting TFT’s Effectiveness”

The Academy of Integrative Medicine and Health Conference in October in San Diego

Suzanne Connolly, LCSW, recently completed a film that was shown online as a break-out session at The Academy of Integrative Medicine and Health Conference in October in San Diego.

The break-out session was on using TFT to help close the mental health treatment gap in low-and middle-income countries. It goes without saying it could be used in high-income countries as well.

This breakout was based on the literature review and meta-analysis she led with an international team that was published in the August 2021 issue of the World Health Organization.

Here is the link to the article published by the WHO:

Below is the video of the break-out session. It contains some footage of Rwandan lay counselors speaking of their experiences. It’s a 43 minute video.

Aliviando el Traumaen nuestros niños

TFT Foundation y San Andrés Pescador

Uno de los usos más importantes de TFT en el mundoactual es sanar trauma en nuestros niños, ellos son elfuturo de la humanidad. El trabajo anterior de laFundación TFT con los huérfanos del genocidio de Ruandaen 1994, documentó la posible sanación. Esa nación se hatransformado con la sanación de TFT desde el 2006. Unbreve video documenta su progreso, incluido el trabajoactual con el Sistema Correccional de Ruanda: TFT IZERERWANDA, to heal a nation!, ¡Para sanar a una nación! Estoes lo que se puede hacer con TFT.

La Fundación TFT ahora tiene una propuesta para ayudar alos niños que fueron víctimas de una masacre en México.Este pequeño estudio humanitario puede iniciar lasanación de toda una comunidad, al igual que nuestrotrabajo inicial en Ruanda que ha llevado a sanar una nación.

Hoy en el mundo, muchos están sufriendo problemas de salud, económicos y opresivos. Los niños son los que más sufren. Necesitamos comenzar proyectos como éste en todo el mundo, sanando a nuestros hijos y creando un futuro seguro y con confianza para ellos. Continue reading “Aliviando el Traumaen nuestros niños”