Just Released: “From Trauma to Peace”



The TFT Foundation-sponsored film depicting the extraordinary story of how Rwandans severely traumatized by the 1994 genocide have been able to turn their lives around IS NOW AVAILABLE! It’s been 20 years since genocide tore the country apart. The heart-rending stories of what many endured during the genocide, and ever since as a result, will touch you deeply. And the story of how Thought Field Therapy has relieved these victims of their intense suffering, allowing them to be happy, forgiving, and productive individuals will inspire you…and give you great hope for the possibility of peace on this planet.

DVDs of the film are in the process of being duplicated and printed. They will be selling for $24.95 including shipping. But IF YOU ORDER NOW, you can take advantage of our brief Pre-Publication sale of only $19.95 including shipping. Order yours now by clicking here.

For bulk orders, contact Joanne Callahan at joanne@ tftrx.com.

Following is a trailer of the new movie:


From Trauma to Peace–Your Chance to Contribute

tft documentary

Dear Friends,

This blog is full of many remarkable and moving stories that demonstrate the power of TFT to relieve the debilitating effects of trauma and violence, allowing hearts to open again, and whole communities to revive and move forward.

The TFT Foundation, sponsor of this site, has been working on a documentary to help create the global awareness that entire traumatized communities can help themselves and others end suffering and the cycle of violence. This film, “From Trauma To Peace,” is being produced by an award-winning team and will be of the quality needed for PBS and film festivals.

About 80% of the filming is done. We now need money to finish production, as well as for promotion and distribution. Recently the Foundation began a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to help raise money for this purpose.

Please, take a stand for peace and contribute to our campaign however you can. Visit the site–donate dollars (check out the perks!)–make comments–revisit our Indiegogo page–and PASS IT ON to others. Give your friends and family an opportunity to further peace, love and hope in the world…especially during this beautiful season of PEACE.

It is activity on an Indiegogo campaign page that makes that campaign successful. Visit our campaign now at http://www.indiegogo.com/trauma-to-peace — and share it with the world! Help make world peace a reality.

With much appreciation,

Mary Cowley, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer, TFT Foundation


From Trauma to Peace


Peace IS within our grasp. It is at the tip of our fingers…literally. The upcoming documentary “From Trauma to Peace” will shock you in how quickly and easily people can be relieved of the devastating effects of trauma through the safe and effective “tapping” technique of Thought Field Therapy (TFT). AND how the impact of that emotional freedom not only brings peace of mind to the individual, but facilitates peace within and among communities.

Instructions for the TFT trauma technique can be found through links on the right side of this page.

For information about the TFT Foundation (funding, research, and humanitarian work), or how you can participate in sharing in these Trauma Relief projects, go to http://www.TFTFoundation.org.