Teaching Humanitarian TFT in Japanese University

JATFTDr. Ayame Morikawa, president of the Japanese Association of Thought Field Therapy (JATFT), has initiated a program entitled “TFT Partners” based on the TFT Foundation’s community treatment model in which non-professionals are taught to use TFT for humanitarian purposes. This program will help meet the need throughout the world for paraprofessionals who can help with PTSD and other psychological problems identified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A one-day workshop has been developed as part of a university Psychology class in Japan and will teach the following:

– humanitarian assistance

– becoming a helper rather than a therapist

– trauma care

– assistance to depression

– TFT Algorithms (trauma, depression, and physical pain)

The program will be offered to anyone who wants to help, including professionals, paraprofessionals and university students.

TFT Documentary in Japanese


I’m very pleased to announce that Ayame Morikawa, MD, PhD, MBA (Chairperson, Japanese Association for TFT) has added Japanese sub-titles to the TFT Foundation-sponsored film “From Trauma to Peace.” She has begun adding short segments of the film to YouTube. Please share this first one with any Japanese-speaking friends, family, and/or colleagues you may have.