TFT for Rwandan Orphans

Clestin OrphansJuly 2014 – Orphans Learn To Tap Away Their Fears, Anxiety and Depression
by Celestin Mitabu (Kigali, Rwanda)

I was invited to the Rutongo Orphanage to treat the children, victims of HIV, malnutrition and parental mental sickness. The invitation came from the Director, a nun who had experienced the results of TFT several years ago while in Kigali. She invited us to practice and teach TFT to the children.

It was not easy to get time because we were busy with tapping during the commemoration but we tried to spare some time so that children may benefit too. Young girls, (the orphanage is only for girls) were suffering from depression and much anxiety.

In fact, during our treatment for this year (20th commemoration) most of what we treated was all about depression and anxiety. From our experience depression has been a big problem affecting many people and we managed to help them with TFT.

One evening as I was revising my TFT notes and trying to read more about depression I even went to Google trying to compare depression symptoms and causes with what we experience. As I was reading about the symptoms of Depression and those of Trauma, they seem to be the same. I came to realize that where there is trauma there may be a possibility of depression.

excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity,” Fall, 2014

Rwandan Orphans Singing in Thanks to TFT


400 orphans from the El Shaddai Orphange in Kigali, Rwanda greet the 2007 ATFT Relief Team with song. The Relief Team was there to treat the trauma from the street orphans, victims of the 1994 genocide and HIV/AIDS, that call El Shaddai ‘home’. The 2008 ATFT Relief Team will be returned to Rwanda in May with great success.

Replacing Nightmares with Hope

UPdate Issue 8, Summer

El Shaddai Orphange: Nightmares Replaced with Dreams of a Future

by Gabriel Constans

There’s much more to Rwanda than the genocide that took place over thirteen years ago. Yes, there was plenty of carnage that lay in its wake and everyone in the country (the size of New Jersey) was directly affected, especially the children, many of whom ended up on the street, with distant relatives or friends or perished from neglect. Add the scourge of the AIDS pandemic and you found even more homeless and abandoned children living on the streets. The needs outstripped all available resources.

But it only takes one person to make a difference and the street children, also known as “street rebels” in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, were blessed with one such man. His name is NZITUKUZE Sylvester. (In Kinyarwanda, the official language of Rwanda, last names go first and are capitalized).

While Sylvester was in the Rwandan Army he had a vision that he was somehow meant to help the street kids of Kigali. He followed his vision, left the army and started taking children into his home. It wasn’t an easy task. A lot of the kids were filthy, disease-ridden, taking drugs, angry and traumatized. After a year or two of Continue reading “Replacing Nightmares with Hope”

TFT for Survivors of Child Abuse

Published in UPdate Magazine , Issue 7, Spring 2007:

Special Report

Irish Survivors of Child Abuse: How TFT Can Help

By Eileen McMahon, Solicitor, TFT-Dx

Irish Survivors

I am a solicitor who has trained in Thought Field Therapy®. I have spent 15 years acting for survivors of trauma to obtain compensation arising from accidents and abuse. However there are certain groups that I have represented in the UK that money alone will not rebuild their fractured lives.

I have spent the past 5 years taking evidence from the Irish survivors of child abuse and seeking compensation for them under the Residential Institutions Redress Act (2002) in Dublin. The abuse occurred between the 1930’s and the 1970’s. The average age of my clients is 60. Most of my client’s have waited 50 years to tell their story and seek redress.

We must not take for granted that orphans around the world are being well cared for. This was the mistake made in Ireland and now we are dealing with the horrendous reality of Continue reading “TFT for Survivors of Child Abuse”

TFT Transforms the Lives of Hundreds of Rwandan Orphans

A teacher at the El Shaddai orphanage in Kigali, Rwanda, describes how TFT continues to relieve the fears and anxieties of  hundreds of children who have lost their parents through genocide and imprisonment.


TFT Relieves Rwandan Orphan’s Fear of the Dark

Dr. Caroline Sakai describes how TFT relieved the terrifying fear of the dark that kept a Rwandan orphan from playing–and how he showed his profound gratitude. [youtube=]

This boy was one of 400 Rwandan orphans, including survivors of the 1994 genocide, who greeted the ATFT Foundation trauma relief team with song: