TFT Training for Humanitarian Organisations in Kigali

Shared by Celestin Mitabu, our lead trainer in Kigali, Rwanda

We trained 210 people from most of the Universities and other Humanitarian Organisations in Kigali, during their August training.  The pictures are from different groups at KIMU University and at IPRC University.  Dr. Caroline Sakai and her team assisted him in Kigali Rwanda.

“One is a nurse from Adventist University who has been having a complication in breathing… she has attended  TFT Training twice and she is applying the Technics during her daily work. She gave her testimony during our past training about how TFT healed her from the breathing complication.”

“.. the second one is from a Catholic sister.  She is the Director of one of the Disabled centers in Kigali., TFT healed her too. They are both TFT practitioners and they have their personal testimonies on what happened after they have been applying it.”

Please help support his continued work in Rwanda.  He is training the students, the future of TFT and healing in his country.  Click here to Donate

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