Trauma Affects Our Pets

A TFT Practitioner shares:

Trauma not only affects our lives but also can affect and even limit the lives of our beloved pets.  This story was sent in by one of our new practitioners.

While watching the training (Algorithm level online) you mentioned how the tapping works on animals and I was really eager to see its effect.  I own 3 pets, and the third one is a female German Sheppard named Mika.  She was my dog in my previous marriage and due to the fact I had the other 2 pets, I was hesitant to bring her to my new home.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances and to the deep desire of my son to take her with us, she came to live with us while my ex-husband was on a vacation.

Needless to say that it’s been over 2 months and the dog is still with us.  We never gave Mika back because he was mistreating her, with verbal and physical abuse.

The dog was really shocked and the transition was not easy, but she soon integrated into what was an environment full of love and attention.  She still, however, struggled to climb any flight of stairs (due to an early episode during which she was a pup and fell down a long staircase).

My son insisted that we try to bring her into our living room where she would have to go up and down 5 steps.  She’s a big dog and her anxiety made helping her climb those stairs even more difficult.

I ended up doing the anxiety algorithm on myself while lightly touching her and to my surprise and hers, she got up and bravely went up the stairs.  This was a tremendous success and I’ve applied TFT a couple more times since, but she’s a changed dog.  She even enjoys and waits for me to call her to go up the stairs!

Thank you for all your teachings! I am forever grateful to you and to Dr. Callahan for discovering this technique that is an indispensable part of my life and my coaching practice. You’ve given me the gift of being able to profoundly impact the lives of many with this simple practice but which delivers such amazing and long-lasting results!

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