PTSD and Addiction Recovery with TFT

PSTD and addiction TFT Recovery

This case was shared by a new TFT practitioner.  As there are so many with PTSD from similar situations she wanted to help others know they too could find relief.  This shows us how truly powerful these tools can be.

Client Information- “Client A”

Age- 52, Female

Problem- “Client A” is a recovering meth addict who suffers from severe PTSD and stemming from being homeless and sexually assaulted at a very young age by a family member.

My colleague and I were at a sober living house giving a life skills group. During a discussion the topic of trauma came up. “Client A” was observed having a severe ab-reaction towards the topic. During her ab-reaction she got up from the group and walked out of the room crying hysterically.

I approached “Client A” and told her that she was safe. I then asked her if she would be willing to try something for me. “Client A” responded with a “yes”. After her response, I informed her that I was going to show her places to tap on her body and asked her to copy me on herself.

Before demonstrating how to tap, I asked Client A focus on what is troubling her and what she was feeling on a scale from 0-10. Client Responded with a 10. At this time, I felt that it was appropriate to use the complex trauma algorithm. I informed the client how to tap. The client reported a SUD of 7, I then did the 9-gamut treatment. The client then reported a Sud of 6, so I decided to have the client do a P.R. followed again by the complex trauma algorithm. The client then reported a SUD of 0.

After reporting a SUD of 0, the client was laughing and was in disbelief that it worked. I explained to her that this was a common reaction and is referred to as the apex problem. Client was completely ecstatic with the results. Was very eager to learn other tapping sequences (algorithms).

When completed with the client, I was very impressed by how quickly the client went from a SUD of 10 down to a 0. Having the client go from a fully blown ab-reaction mode to laughing and completely forgetting about her problem was a truly amazing experience to watch.

By Lesa Danielson

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  1. What a true gift to be able to help people and really give them the skills to continue with relief.

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