Stop The Emotional Distress Of Falling Down

By Herb Ayers, MA LMHC, TFT Dx

Whether you fall once or a hundred times, it is always an emotionally painful experience. When my wife fell during a walk, we just assumed it was a misstep or maybe she lost her balance. That was nine years ago when she was 71. More and more, her legs would just go out from under her and in an instant, she would be on the floor! It was frightening!

Frightening for her; frightening for me too! When these falls continued to happen, she sought help from a neurologist but unfortunately, he failed to diagnose the problem; worse yet, we failed to get another medical opinion!

So getting to a true diagnosis took another six years. Continue reading “Stop The Emotional Distress Of Falling Down”

TFT Enabling 911 Dispatchers to Keep Helping

911One Person Making a Difference One At A Time – Working with 911 Dispatchers

by Jim McAninch, TFT-ADV, TFT-RCT

911 dispatchers are a unique group, for they are the first responders. They are the first ones to connect with the individuals or groups with an emergency need. They must take the information, figure out the need and then relay that information to the proper responders with the correct location in seconds.

There is no room for error for they are dealing with life and death situations. Like the military and their special operations individuals; they are a challenging group to gain entry into.

With the development of CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) procedure and CISM teams working with the various responder groups, the value of this to the members was being recognized. Unfortunately the dispatchers we’re not included in these groups because they were not at the scene of the incident and it was felt that they were not affected by the event.

A number of years ago, I was called in to help with a crisis that had occurred within the northern zone of the Pittsburgh call center. On the northern zone’s weekend off, the team’s group leader/mentor and his wife were killed in a tragic car crash. The crew members were unaware of the incident until reporting to work. The whole crew was impacted by the event and unable to safely work on the screens.

The Chief Administrative Officer for Allegheny County requested immediate help from Pittsburgh’s CISM team. I was available and I went in to assess the need and give them what I was trained in regarding crisis intervention.

I was able to educate them with regard to the possible effects of a critical incident but I also became aware that more was needed, to possibly find immediate relief. I made the choice to integrate TFT into the crisis intervention work. I was able to Continue reading “TFT Enabling 911 Dispatchers to Keep Helping”

Group Tapping for Paris Trauma

ParisHeartGroup Tapping Teleconferences for Community Relief and Restoring Inner Peace

by Ngub Nding, UK TFT Foundation Board Member, TFT Trainer & Practitioner

On Friday November 13th terrible events happened in Paris that literally traumatized the whole population of France and many others all over the world. As a TFT trainer/practitioner and UK TFT Foundation board member, I’ve had the privilege to participate in a trauma relief mission in Uganda in January 2014.

This experience changed me on many levels. One of the realizations I made at the time was that all the good that TFT can bring to a community half the way around the world might also be needed right at my door step. So when the Paris events occurred it was obvious that TFT could be a great asset for the community in order to support as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and as often as possible.

With a group of French-speaking TFT-Adv practitioners, equipped with our know-how in TFT and our experience in guided meditation, we committed to give our best to help anybody we could reach that would be willing to participate.

We opted for teleconference calls to offer free group tapping and short meditation with a two-step goal. One was trauma relief for as many people as possible and the second was to guide committed volunteers into leveraging what is known as the meditation effect, aka the Maharishi effect. It basically refers to the fact that people meditating have a tangible measurable effect on the well-being of their entire community. Many experiences, largely documented, have established this fact beyond any shadow of a doubt. The impact on the lowering of criminal activities, acts of terrorism, accidents, etc. is indeed compelling.

Using a free teleconference call system made it very easy to Continue reading “Group Tapping for Paris Trauma”

TFT Trauma Relief Helps Woman Move Arm for First Time

stock photo
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The Power of our Beliefs

By Leandro Percario, TFT-Adv

Just a few months ago I treated one of the most interesting cases of a cure by TFT. It really amazed me, even though I have watched so many cures by TFT.

She was one of the students in my last Algorithm training, let’s call her “Ana”.

Ana had a limitation on the movement of her left arm since she was born. She could move the right arm perfectly but had only limited movement of her left arm.

As she was talking to me about this and some others things she wanted to treat, she mentioned that she had had a very difficult birth. Her mother had to have a cesarean birth in an emergency, without any anesthesia…

She was born premature and was very fragile. She had a problem that the doctors had to stifle all her chest and left arm for six month.

Ana got better and survived but she had this permanent limitation on the movements on her left arm.

When she told me that it just reminded me of the story of circus elephants when babies they are tied by one of the hind legs with a chain to a wooden pole attached to the ground.

The babies elephants try to escape, but they are not yet strong enough to break loose, then eventually end up quitting and never try to escape …

As adults, these circus elephants could very easily break the chain, but because they have developed the belief that they cannot, they just do not escape their shackles.

By this time, I diagnosed with Voice Technology and applied with her two specific tapping sequences, one for the trauma of her birth and the other for the trauma of being unable to move her arm when Ana was just a Baby. She didn’t have the conscious memory of that but she knew it happened as he mother told her, so, I just asked her to think about it the way she normally thinks about it.

After just a few repetitions of these sequences, Ana started to move her arm a little bit better. Then we repeated it some more times, it was around 8 times total.

I asked her to close her eyes and imagine she was moving both arms totally and freely.

She said it was difficult, so we did the sequences again while she was trying to imagine she was moving both arms perfectly in her mind first.

Ana said she could now move them both in her mind!

So I asked her that still with her eyes closed to start moving physically her arms, just the way she was imagining at that time and much to my surprise she started to move it perfectly and freely!

Then I asked Ana to keep moving her arms and just open her eyes and she was very surprised to see she was moving her left arm totally and fully with absolutely no limitation in her movements! We were both very moved and emotional at that moment!

I told Ana the stories about the circus elephants. She understood and was really amazed at how TFT could easily help her to free her mind and her body!

For me it was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had as a therapist and even after years working and teaching TFT I still got passionate about what it is able to transform in people’s lives!

With joy and love to be able to be sharing this healing tool in Brazil, Leandro

PS It is my dream and goal to found my own non-profit (NGO) in 2017, so I have to make money for that. I am inspired by the work of TFT Foundation, and it will be dedicated to my mother. Until I have conditions to found my NGO, I am training other NGO volunteers with the trauma and pain algorithm, so they can use it with the people they already help. My goal is to train one NGO group each month.

Excerpted from “Tapping for Humanity,” Summer 2015

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Making the Impossible Possible


The TFT Foundation’s documentary, “From Trauma to Peace”, is in post-production and almost complete. I will post when the DVD is available. Our new trailer gives an inkling of the power of the stories told. Please share it to give people an idea of the real possibility for peace in this world.