Healing and Support Continues in Rwanda

Adrienne NAHAYO, clinical psychologist, shares with us the ongoing work in Rwanda. TFT is helping in the communities, the schools, and even the prisons. Take a few minutes and watch what these amazing and resilient people are doing to heal their country and people. Please consider helping us help them continue this work. It serves as an example the entire world can use.


A New Review Which Includes the Connolly & Sakai Study

A new review that includes the Connolly & Sakai study: This is an important new review that includes the Connolly & Sakai study. Click here to download.

I think anyone wanting to do research with TFT should look at the criticisms of the study in this Cochrane review as it helps avoid similar pitfalls. The Cochrane review is the most respected and thorough type of Review and quite intense. Just search Connolly to see what they look at in evaluating a study.

Another thing that is quite clear is that they selected only one of our studies. Most of our studies are difficult to find. Is there someone that does TFT that might look into how to get more visibility for our peer-reviewed journal articles? That would help promote Roger’s work more than anything.

APA Citation
van Ginneken N, Chin WY, Lim YC, Ussif A, Singh R, Shahmalak U, Purgato M, Rojas-García A, Uphoff E, McMullen S, Foss HS, Thapa Pachya A, Rashidian L, Borghesani A, Henschke N, Chong L-Y, Lewin S. Primary‐level worker interventions for the care of people living with mental disorders and distress in low‐ and middle‐income countries. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2021, Issue 8. Art. No.: CD009149. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009149.pub3. Accessed 07 August 2021.

Aliviando el Traumaen nuestros niños

TFT Foundation y San Andrés Pescador

Uno de los usos más importantes de TFT en el mundoactual es sanar trauma en nuestros niños, ellos son elfuturo de la humanidad. El trabajo anterior de laFundación TFT con los huérfanos del genocidio de Ruandaen 1994, documentó la posible sanación. Esa nación se hatransformado con la sanación de TFT desde el 2006. Unbreve video documenta su progreso, incluido el trabajoactual con el Sistema Correccional de Ruanda: TFT IZERERWANDA, to heal a nation!, ¡Para sanar a una nación! Estoes lo que se puede hacer con TFT.

La Fundación TFT ahora tiene una propuesta para ayudar alos niños que fueron víctimas de una masacre en México.Este pequeño estudio humanitario puede iniciar lasanación de toda una comunidad, al igual que nuestrotrabajo inicial en Ruanda que ha llevado a sanar una nación.

Hoy en el mundo, muchos están sufriendo problemas de salud, económicos y opresivos. Los niños son los que más sufren. Necesitamos comenzar proyectos como éste en todo el mundo, sanando a nuestros hijos y creando un futuro seguro y con confianza para ellos. Continue reading “Aliviando el Traumaen nuestros niños”

TFT Healing Trauma in Our Children

TFT Foundation & San Andrés Pescador Foundation

One of the most important uses of TFT in today’s world is healing the traumas of our children, the future of humanity.

The TFT Foundation’s past work with orphans from the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, documented the healing possible. That nation has been transformed from TFT healing since 2006. A brief video documents their progress including current work with the Rwandan Corrections System: TFT IZERE RWANDA, to heal a nation! This is what can be done with TFT.

The TFT Foundation now has a proposal to help children who were victims of a Mexican massacre. This small humanitarian study can begin the healing of an entire community, just as our early work in Rwanda has led to healing a nation. Continue reading “TFT Healing Trauma in Our Children”

TFT IZERE RWANDA, to heal a nation!

Dear TFT Community,

I want to share an amazing, well-done video, from our TFT IZERE Center friends in Rwanda.  The TFT Foundation has been working with them since 2006 when we began treating the orphans from the genocide. There have been several studies resulting from our work there and much improvement and healing with the people of Rwanda.

Our first video, From Trauma to Peace, documented this early work. This new video brings us up to date on their inspiring progress, the progression of the TFT programs including working with the Rwandan Corrections System. Take 5 minutes of your time and watch this inspiring video, share it with others and see how you can join this successful healing program.

TFT IZERE RWANDA, to heal a nation!

Click here to Help us continue this work. 

We Are Witnessing An Alarming Increase in the Rate of Suicide: Especially In Our Youth

There have been numerous recent reports from around the world about the increase in suicides of our youth, especially in those under 18.  The lockdown, isolation, school closures and loss of loved ones are all contributing factors and are continuing.  Children’s Health Defense reports on this sharp rise in an article on 2/3/21.  They give links to the various literature.

They share a November report by the CDC that analyzed emergency room visits in children under 18 during the pandemic. Results showed that although the number of overall emergency room visits fell during 2020, the number of mental health-related visits increased. Data analyzed from the CDC’s National Syndromic Surveillance Program from Jan. 1 through Oct. 17, 2020, and compared to the same period in 2019 showed a 31% increase in mental health issues among adolescents 12 – 17-years-old. Continue reading “We Are Witnessing An Alarming Increase in the Rate of Suicide: Especially In Our Youth”