A Thanks to our international TFT Trainers and Practitioners

TFT Foundation

The TFT Foundation is very grateful for the support of our international TFT Trainers and Practitioners. Leandro Percario, President Instituto TFT Brasil, has given continuously to the foundation and recently gave a
generous donation toward continuing our trauma relief work around the world.

It will go toward helping the IZERE Center in Rwanda continue helping thousands of Rwandans. Continue reading “A Thanks to our international TFT Trainers and Practitioners”

TFT in Kurdistan

Dr. Pegah Seidi, presenting a talk on  (Northern Iraq).

Dr. Pegah Seidi, a lecturer and researcher at Garmian University in Kurdistan, began using TFT in 2018 after taking an online training in TFT provided by Suzanne Connolly. Dr. Seidi practiced TFT on relatives and friends and recently wrote” So, I’m already writing a case study with one of my colleagues in the UNC, where I have put my experiences of more than five years of using  CBT, and the benefits of TFT as a better intervention for societies experienced war and political conflicts and low-income societies.” Dr. Seidi added, “I use TFT almost every day for my clients and students, and more and more people are asking me about this method every day.” Continue reading “TFT in Kurdistan”

The Trauma Rape and Abuse Can Be Healed

– Grateful TFT Algorithm Practitioner

My client is a 30-year-old female, a housewife and cares for her children and her brother who lives with her. Her life looks like a book by Emile Zola. She is the child of two drug addicts who did not take care of her during her childhood. Her first memories are those of her father heating heroin spoons before injections. Continue reading “The Trauma Rape and Abuse Can Be Healed”

TFT Training for Humanitarian Organisations in Kigali

Shared by Celestin Mitabu, our lead trainer in Kigali, Rwanda

We trained 210 people from most of the Universities and other Humanitarian Organisations in Kigali, during their August training.  The pictures are from different groups at KIMU University and at IPRC University.  Dr. Caroline Sakai and her team assisted him in Kigali Rwanda.

“One is a nurse from Adventist University who has been having a complication in breathing… she has attended  TFT Training twice and she is applying the Technics during her daily work. She gave her testimony during our past training about how TFT healed her from the breathing complication.”

“.. the second one is from a Catholic sister.  She is the Director of one of the Disabled centers in Kigali., TFT healed her too. They are both TFT practitioners and they have their personal testimonies on what happened after they have been applying it.”

Please help support his continued work in Rwanda.  He is training the students, the future of TFT and healing in his country.  Click here to Donate

Trauma Relief in Rwanda at the IZERE Center

This amazing video shows the work being done for Trauma Relief in Rwanda at the IZERE Center.  It was filmed while Dr. Caroline Sakai and her team were there last month.  It emphasizes the importance of the work being done in Rwanda and what long-term implications it can have for TFT around the world.

Video from Fr. Augustin Nzabonimana, IZERE Center, Byumba, Rwanda

July 2018 Japan Floods

Submitted by Ayame Morikawa.

Japan Floods occurred in the vast area and killed 126 after torrential rain and landslides in July 2018.

We offered the seminar for disaster assistance in International Pacific University, Okayama Campus with JEMDRA-HAP in Sep 15-17.

On September 15th (Sat), 17 (Mon), Japan’s torrential rain disaster support seminar, “Overcoming the Power of the Region” – seminar on how to take care of your heart after the disaster was held at ipu Pacific University. There was also a promotion for the humanitarian support program in Japan.

From experts to students, a lot of people have joined. In particular, many of the trans-Pacific University students have already participated in volunteer support for disaster support, and we believe that we have learned skills to support interpersonal aid and regions, and we believe that it will be a great power to support reconstruction.

Dr. Niki, M.D. (Chairperson of JEMDRA-HAP) and Dr. Morikawa, Ph.D. (Chairperson of JATFT) lectured the importance of mental health care and introduced the practical techniques, TFT and HRV Coherence Breathing.

The audience was doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, public workers, students, and lay people.

The students of IPU have engaged in volunteer activities in the disaster areas and added the new skills of TFT to heal others.

We introduced TFT Foundation’s contributions to Rwanda as a good model of community recovery from tragedy.