Relieving Trauma from Hurricane Katrina

UPdate Magazine Issue 8, Spring 2008


by Ecoee Rooney, R.N., S.A.N.E.

New Orleans, LA

Coming home to New Orleans was not easy, but no one thought it would be. What we had thought would be a long weekend visiting friends during a perfunctory evacuation to North Louisiana, we slowly realized, was the beginning of a long, and scary road home. Nothing could have prepared me for the turns and twists, disappointments in who didn’t help and amazement at who did, and the level of commitment of so many life-long friends and family members who came forward with money, supplies, and all we needed to survive those first months after leaving all we knew as our lives behind.

No amount of sensationalized media coverage could have prepared me for what I saw as we drove into the city for the first time, even though the Mayor still banned entrance to our part of the city. The vastness of the devastation began to truly sink in as we quietly drove down the interstate past a gray, abandoned landscape. Occasionally, houses that appeared to have been blown apart by Continue reading “Relieving Trauma from Hurricane Katrina”

TFT for Survivors of Child Abuse

Published in UPdate Magazine , Issue 7, Spring 2007:

Special Report

Irish Survivors of Child Abuse: How TFT Can Help

By Eileen McMahon, Solicitor, TFT-Dx

Irish Survivors

I am a solicitor who has trained in Thought Field Therapy®. I have spent 15 years acting for survivors of trauma to obtain compensation arising from accidents and abuse. However there are certain groups that I have represented in the UK that money alone will not rebuild their fractured lives.

I have spent the past 5 years taking evidence from the Irish survivors of child abuse and seeking compensation for them under the Residential Institutions Redress Act (2002) in Dublin. The abuse occurred between the 1930’s and the 1970’s. The average age of my clients is 60. Most of my client’s have waited 50 years to tell their story and seek redress.

We must not take for granted that orphans around the world are being well cared for. This was the mistake made in Ireland and now we are dealing with the horrendous reality of Continue reading “TFT for Survivors of Child Abuse”

Relieving Stress of a Trauma Specialist

By Robert L. Bray, Ph.D., TFT-Adv, Update Magazine, Issue 2, Winter 2005

TFT Makes a Hard Day’s Work A Good Day’s Work: Taking care of traumatic stress in myself and others

One night, my wife asked if I wanted to talk about my day. I snapped back at her: “Do you want to talk about the man who was beaten by his mother because he was male and beaten by the older boys in his neighborhood because he was Jewish?

Or would you like to talk about the women with a chronic pain disease and suicidal depression who was sexually abused by her last therapist? Should we talk about the woman who was beaten regularly by her crazy mother, raped as a child, abandoned by her church after a date rape, and strangled by the father of her child? Or, on a lighter note, we could discuss the man who, because of a work related injury, just had another surgery to help control the pain in his hand and faced years of painful back surgery and rehab?”

As the sarcastic words and tone came out of my mouth I realized how much I wanted not to talk about my day but instead to push the intense emotion and stress of my day away. I immediately treated myself for the vicarious traumatic stress I had experienced from being present with my clients. More myself, I then was able to share a couple of humorous and moving moments that occurred in my day’s work.

I have over twenty years of experience as psychotherapist specializing in traumatic stress response. In any given day I hear stories of meaningless violence, evil indifference, and endless despair. I see in many clients the terror, fear, distrust, pain, and suffering still carried by those who have experienced things which I can not even imagine. Continue reading “Relieving Stress of a Trauma Specialist”

TFT Trauma Relief on Healing Talk Radio



Suzanne Connolly, MFT, LCSW



Written by Diana Hoffman, Healing Talk Radio:

Hello friends and colleagues,

I am excited to announce that international trauma expert Suzanne Connolly will be joining me on Healing Talk Radio for a live demonstration of Thought Field Therapy in the treatment of PTSD.

Suzanne has healed trauma and trained trauma therapists throughout the world.  She was invited to travel to Littleton Coloroado to train professionals who were treating the traumatized survivors of the Columbine High School shooting.  Suzanne has also traveled to Kuwait, France and Rwanda  to train community workers in trauma recovery and to directly treat victims of genocide.

Suzanne has participated in three different research studies, including the study “Treatmentof PTSD in Rwandan Child Genocide SurvivorsUsing Thought Field Therapy, published in Winter 2010 edition of International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 12(1), 41-50.   Suzanne is also author of the book  “Thought Field Therapy:   Clinical Applications Integrating TFT in Psychotherapy. published in 2004.

For our radio program a local client volunteer with disabling symptoms of PTSD will join the program and Suzanne Connolly will work live on the air with the client to resolve her problems, which include intense nightmares almost every night and severe, intrusive fears.

After over 20 years of practice and research, Thought Field Therapy continues to produce dramatic results in the resolution of brain-stem based emotional issues.    Meridian-based tapping releases have been shown in studies to be the fastest  of all release methods for phobias and fear issues, and can produce dramatic improvement for these problems one session.

With its precision, carefully developed algorhythms and history of humanitarian use for trauma, Thought Field Therapy is the premier and original meridian-based release therapy.

Listen in for a powerful demonstration of the best of brain-based brief therapys by a renowned national expert.

For more information go to

This program will broadcast live on Healing Talk Radio at 11 am Mountain Time, Wednesday March 30 on KSTAR, 1400 am..   Healing Talk is also syndicated to three internet radio stations:, and   The program is streamed worldwide starting Saturday, April 2nd.  It will replay daily for a week at 11 am and 2 am mountain time.   To connect go to


TFT Relieves Panic

By Christina Mayhew, TFT-Adv; published in the UPdate Magazine Issue 12, Summer 2009:

A friend of mine (let’s call him Art) was having trouble staying focused on his work, relating to others, sleeping at night, and was feeling very depressed and almost despondent. He called me and asked if I could help him. Art told me he had seen many doctors and had taken various drugs but nothing was working. In fact he was getting worse, not better.

He wasn’t even sure he wanted to live any more because he felt there was nothing left in his life that he cared about. I immediately asked him if he was under a doctor’s care. He said he was just released from a mental health facility and didn’t have insurance so he had to keep going to a local clinic and would have to wait for hours to see a doctor.

I asked him what happened. Art explained, “One day while driving to an appointment, I could feel the anxiety bursting at the seams. I was recently laid off from a large firm; I lost a long term relationship in a bitter break-up; I suffer from severe back pain from an auto accident a couple years ago, and now I don’t have the money to pay my overdue rent.”

Art had been looking for a job for months and said he was on his way to an interview, when he looked in the mirror and saw his face swollen, red and very itchy. He was covered from head to toe in a rash. “This was the final straw!” he exclaimed to me. The last thing he really remembered was Continue reading “TFT Relieves Panic”